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Before the order

1. Which payment methods are available at VAOLA (formerly mysportworld)?
You can choose between the following different payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Direct debit, Instant money transfer, Purchase on invoice and Installment purchase. We do not currently offer payment per last name or payment in advance. Find detailed information about payment methods above-mentioned here: Was the answer helpful?
2. Can I also order at VAOLA (formerly mysportworld) by phone?
At Vaola (formerly mysportworld) You can only order through our website. When you face challenges or questions about or during the ordering process, we gladly help you out. The best is for you to call us in case of problems during the order process, as long as it's possible for you. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 O'clock at 0049 30/347 43 40 61. Direct aid for most of the following points:

  • Deleting Cookies and Cache of the Browser (Find here the instructions concerning most of the internet browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer)
  • Update of the Browsers to the newest version
  • Do not order from your work computer (Because often there are some very strict security policies on work computers, which can block the ordering process)
  • Choose another payment method if the one you chose doesn't work.
3. Is the article still available in other colors and sizes than it is displayed on the website?
All the products that we have to offer you, are also available on our website . We don't have in our stock other sizes or variations which can not be found on our online shop. Every now and then it can happen, however, that articles come back in stock because of returns or reorders, so it is worth to go and have another look for the available items. If only the desired size is not available, you can place the item on your Wishlist store, which you can then call up in your account.
4. Are the shipping and return shipping free?
For an order value exceeding 70 Euro after return, the shipping cost is free for you. The return shipping is always free for you. For an order value under 70 Euro the shipping within Germany or also Austria lays at a cost of 5,90 Euro. Like as usual (and such as planned by the law), we will refund any incurred shipping costs for a complete return of the order.
For larger sport equipments, it can occasionally lead to increased shipping costs. However, we call your attention to this in the corresponding product descriptions.

* = This means the value of the article you keep must be over 70€.
5. Why is an account necessary for the purchase?
We let each customer create an account at the first purchase, as it provides for each customer a variety of options, such as the personal Order history, a Voucher overview, a Wishlist as well as Address administration and Newsletter management. Should you not want a permanent account with us, of course we clear it immediately after the fulfillment of your order. Therefore we ask you to give us brief information through our Contact form .

During the order

1. Are the items in my Online shopping cart reserved for me?
Currently the items in your shopping cart are not reserved. What too often applies to sports, here also applies to us: You have to be fast.
2. I was offered purchase on account or direct debit, but I now can't select it anymore?
We hand over the payment methods of purchase on account and direct debit to our external partner Billpay. BillPay uses an internal scoring (assessment of the solvency of the buyer). This scoring algorithm refers to diverse criteria - here are a few criteria we are aware of:

  • The billing and shipping address must be identical and it must be the residential address of the invoice receiver.
  • The invoice recipient must at least be 18 years old
  • The invoice recipient must be a private citizen and a firm may not be registered as the invoice recipient
Internal further criteria will be examined, about which we are not informed. Should you not be offered purchase on account or direct debit after the Scoring algorithm, we ask you to choose another payment method. Unfortunately, if you are not approved by Billpay for purchase on account or direct debit, we may not cancel it. For detailed questions about Billpay Scoring, you can contact the Billpay customer service at: 0049 30/609893555
3. Why can I use my voucher on some products and some others no?
Good Question! That depends on your voucher and the item you want to buy. We have briefly summarized beneath the main points that must be taken in account when using a voucher at Vaola (formerly mysportworld):

  • Validity of the voucher - is it still valid or has it already expired
  • only one voucher per order is usable
  • your voucher is specific to a certain range such as, for example: MSW-HIKING SHOES-1234 is usable only for Hiking shoes and is not usable for instance for a jacket - the range on which the voucher is valid is communicated with the voucher emission.
  • except in rare cases, vouchers are not exclusively usable on non-reduced articles
4. What is 3-D Secure and why do I have to specify a 3-D Secure Code when I pay by Credit Card?

3-D Secure is a procedure, that is inserted for additional security for online credit card transactions, and depending on the card provider, the designation changes - for MasterCard it is „MasterCard Secure Code“, for American Express „American Express SafeKey“ and for Visa it is a component of the „Verified by Visa“ Programs.

Operation: Following your order, a secure connection is made to your bank, so that you can confirm your identity thanks to your generated codes. Once the authentication is successful, the Credit Card payment will be executed and you will receive a confirmation of your order via E-mail.

If you do not already have 3-D Secure enabled for your credit card, we ask you to register to this service with your local bank.

After the order

1. Can I modify my order belatedly, e.g. deduct my voucher, change a product or the address?
Once your order has been received, nothing can be changed, because we have a very short processing time and therefore can't guarantee that the subsequent changes can be implemented successfully. Even a belated deduction with a voucher isn't possible. Should your order be sent to another address, we ask you to briefly inform us per telephone or Contact form. We will then try to resend the return package, however we can't guarantee it will succeed.
Under My account > Address book you can change your address. This modification will only apply in time for your next order.
2. I want to return something - How do I do this the best?
If you want to return something, we ask you to always use the return slip that was joined to the package. This ensures that the return is processed as quickly as possible and you'll get your money back as quickly as possible. Should the package not contain the return slip, you can go to My account > My ordersand print it.

For partial deliveries, we ask you to return the article to the warehouse from which you have received the delivery, and not return several partial deliveries because it is just going to significantly slow down the processing of your return. As soon as your return has been received by our warehouse, we will send you a receipt confirmation per E-mail.

Please note: Should you not find your orders under "My orders", we ask you to read Why can't I see my order(s) in my account under "my orders"? .
3. I want to exchange something - How do I do this the best?
If you want to exchange one or more articles, we ask you to return the articles(s) and make a new order with the desired article(s).
4. I want to complain about something - how do I do this the best?
In case of complaint, we ask you to email the following information to the below E-mail address:

  • At least two explicit pictures of the damage
  • Short description of the damage
  • Order number in which you have ordered the item
  • Name of the article and, best case scenario, the item number
We ask you to send this information to reklamationen@vaola.de. We then examine the right to complaint, identify the possible solutions (such as repair, replace, or refund) and will contact you ASAP.
5. When and how do I receive the refund for my return(s)?
We always refund your returnsusing the payment method you chose to place your order. This means when you paid your order by Paypal, we will refund it to you via Paypal also. Usually we will refund your return within 10 working days after you have sent back your order.

You always receive from us a return receipt confirmation (as soon as your return has been registered in our return center) as well as a refund confirmation (as soon as we initiated your refund) by E-Mail.

In the case where you have received various partial deliveries, and however returned them in only one package, it is possible that you receive various individual refunds - we are already working on a new better solution and beg for your understanding.
6. Why was my voucher not deducted from the balance due after my return?
Should your voucher not be counted in the remaining amount of your return, that means the minimum order value of the voucher was not reached. Here is a short theoretical calculation example:

  • You have a 50 Euro Voucher (for instance from Groupon) which has a minimum order value after return of 70 Euros.
  • You use this voucher for two articles. Article A costs 60 Euros, article B costs 70 Euros.
  • Thus you have - after deduction of your voucher - a bill of 80 Euros.
  • You then return article B. Therefore, your order value after return is of 60 Euros.
  • This means the minimum order value is not reached after the return of your voucher and we can't deduct your voucher from article A any longer.
The respective voucher conditions are communicated to you with the voucher itself - in the above example you find the conditions in the groupon offer directly.
7. How can I be refunded the VAT of an order exported abroad?
In order for us to refund your VAT, we need a copy of your filled out export certificate. You can download this export certificate from the customs: Click here for a direct access to the customs.

You must fill out this export certificate and have it stamped by the customs. Then you can send us a copy of the completed certificate by E-mail at service@vaola.com. We then refund the VAT on the previously debited account respectevely using the payment method you had chosen.

Customer account & Newsletter

1. How can I manage my Newsletter subscription?
Under My account > Newsletter you can at any time register or unsubscribe to the Newsletter. You can also find at the bottom of each of our Newsletters an "unsubscribe link".
2. How can I change, or respectively reset my password in the case that I have forgot it?
In the case where you still remember your password and only want to change it, you can at any time go to change it under My account > Personal contact information .

Should you actually not remember your password, it's absolutely no problem. You can use the forgotten password-function, by communicating the E-mail address with which you registered and let us send you a new password.
3. Why can't I see my order(s) in my account under "My orders"?
Should you not find your order(s) under My account > My orders , we ask you to check the following points:

  • Are you logged in with the correct E-mail address - In the case you are registered at VAOLA(formerly mysportworld) under various E-mail addresses.
  • Are you logged in the correct website?
    • On the VAOLA website - green Logo and VAOLA.com in the navigator - you find all the VAOLA (formerly mysportworld) orders.
    • On the mysportworld club website - blue Logo and VAOLA.com in the navigator - you find all the mysportworld club orders.
Should you still not find your order(s), you can of course contact us at any time.

Is the right answer not here? Then click here. Then please send your request in through the contact form or give us a call. Click here for the contact form or you can call us from Monday to Friday (10:00 - 18:00) at the following number 0049 30/347 43 40 61.